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  • Central Asian Shepherd Dogs could be one of the most ancient breeds in the   world. It originated in the territory of Turkmenistan between 3 to 6 thousand  years ago, which makes Central Asian Shepherd Dogs a natural breed rather  than an artificial one.  Because of natural selection in the harsh region of  Central Asia, this breed grew to be unusually big in size and has a strong body.   When humans domesticated the dogs, the Central Asian Shepherd Dogs proved  to be perfect guardians.  The breed is most popular in it's origin of Central Asia, and the neighboring country Russia.  The males of this breed are more calm, confident, strong and bigger than the females, while the females are more active, curious and cautious.
  • Height: Female: 24–27 inches (60–69 cm), Male: 26–31 inches (65–78 cm)
  •  Weight: Female: 88–140 lbs (40–65 kg), Male: 110–170 lbs (50–79 kg)
  • Colors: Black, White, Piebald, Brindle, Deadgrass, Rust, Grey.
  • The signature look of the Central Asian Shepard is cropped ears and tail, massive head, and powerful chest. 
  • Traditionally the breed is used for shepherding and guard duty 
  • Registries with UKC,ARBA,ANKC,AKC (FSS),FCI .
  • *Please before to buy a puppy of CAS remember a puppy  will turn into serious guardian power no matter how you will socialized your puppy (natural instinct / feature  of  breed ).
  • CAS Dogs better to be outside most part ***  
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