My name is Kat , I moved from Russia to USA (OREGON). The main reason why I have Central Asian Shepherd dogs because I had them all my life in Russia. Back to past even in Russia Central Asian Shepherds were not so popular like now. I bought my first CAS in 2003, for a guardian dog , but I had a child 3 years old  and it's another reason why I like CAS, because they are super gentle to small kids and not hyper dogs. My first CAS was a male, he was a super nice calm dog with guardian temperament . Then 1 year later I got two females. Many people always ask me what is so unique about CAS , I can tell you it's more than dogs, I compared them like a dog with human brain.,super smart, obey, calm, bold,not annoying and of course big dogs!!! My opinion, people who once owned CAS ,will always want another CAS.


Alabai dogs,Central Asian Shepherd dogs,Volkodav.

Some my photos 16 years ago, with my CAS dogs and my daughters Angelina and Yuliana. Russia Khabarovsk .

Russian Alabai Dogs
Russian Breeder Alabai dogs
central Asian shepherd puppies
Alabai dogs OREGON USA
Alabai dogs Russian Ovtcharka
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