Our Central Asian Shepherd Dogs (Alabai)       


female white  09.14.2016 

 Champion of UKC  (Height 29 '' Weight 137lb) on pic Kuvvat almost 3 years old                                          Kuvvat grew alone along with the pigs, she is brave, super-active, serious, super-guardian, you will never buy her trust , even don't try  lol, very smart, obedient, wants to be a leader with our dogs, outside not friendly to other  if other dogs will try to attack you she will give them very good lesson .She is very good companion outdoor , Kuvvat never tired to walk  on long distance she has very strong body! 

GenghisKhan (Honey)  08.24.2017  

  Male Fawn-White           Imported from Russia  on the picture 24 months old  33" 160 lb Champion of UKC 

Oh, Honey:)

He is my fav . He is serious, smart, sometimes lazy and sometimes act like a silly boy. What I like about him he is super super obey, when we go in the woods he always walk by my side super companion dog, but there is one bad habit he does't like deer!  He is  friendly outside and  guardian inside our property. People that come and visit us are very impressed when they see Honey in person, in real life he looks big and powerful!

Central Asian Shepherds Dogs



Imported from Kyrgyzstan 

  Champion of UKC  

Elgin is super companion , she is more city dog than country dog, we take her everywhere , she is friendly outside and she likes to travel , she can be in the car 24/7. Super obey dog, good guardian dog, she loves kids.

Central Asian Shepherd dogs USA!

Jochi Khan (Male) 9 months old 

Central Asian Shepherd Dogs Alabai USA
Puppy of Central Asian Shepherd

Changa                                   Female black-white 12.15.2016  Winner of UKC                  
(Height 30-31'' Weight 128 lb) on the pic Changa is 26 months old  
 Imported Kyrgyzstan   
   Changa - Cheerful, playful, very curious,  likes to be in the company with family or our dogs, affectionate, she wants be leader of all our dogs, sly, obedient, super-guard, a lot of energy, very jealous, distrustful of strangers, very beautiful color and strong mind. 

Tumalun our new Female imported  from Russia.

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